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The Bartley P. Cardon Endowment for Agricultural and Resource Economics was established in 1997 to honor Bartley P. “Bart” Cardon, former Arizona business leader, professor of plant sciences, and dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Arizona. Cardon Endowment funds are used to support research, teaching, and outreach in agricultural and resource economics by providing assistantships and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, bringing national and international scholars to visit the University of Arizona, and by providing funds directly for a variety of scholarly activities.

The Endowment also supports academic outreach through various activities and publications, including The Arizona Review, a yearly newsletter providing economic perspectives on Arizona’s agriculture and natural resources, and the annual Arizona Agribusiness Forum.

Gary D. Thompson is the interim Bartley P. Cardon professor of agricultural and resource economics. He is also head of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.